Saturday, April 15, 2017

We're All Celebrities

We went outside for a break to practice taking pictures, since we need to be experts when we go to our schools. Evan took a photo of Don to start out, then we decided to continue by taking pictures of other people taking pictures.

This fake brick!
After a few minutes, our cohort decided to take a photo together in front of the banner. We didn't know how to pose so we chose a couple silly poses, like the typical prom pose. 

The tutorial is always a good bonding time, mostly because it's just taking pictures of each other. Unfortunately, other than people there aren't all that many things to take photos of in front of the school.

Evan and I actually realized that the school is actually all fake brick, which was pretty incredible to me. You can tell from far away that the brick is strangely smooth, but then close up it's visible that it's something stuck on concrete.

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