Saturday, April 15, 2017

Second Tutorial Experience

It feels strange but good being here again. I miss Kachi, Diana, and Shuxin, but I'm excited to meet the other cohorts today and at the other events. Also, last year the tutorial went by more smoothly, in many aspects, but we have to keep going. There are many things to go over and talk about.

I was really tired last night after taking a really tedious online course and test that I forgot to turn on my alarm, causing me to wake up 10 minutes before I was supposed to be at De Anza High School. Good thing my sister was already awake, otherwise I would've arrived even later, which is no good for Guantanamo Don. Luckily, the tutorial hadn't really begun yet when I arrived. 

To my surprise, there were fewer people here compared to last year. It's a shame that there is less funding, because I think this is an amazing program that numerous people can benefit from. I highly doubt as many people would apply to Ivy League schools if it weren't for this program. Nevertheless, I'm glad that the program is still around and students are taking advantage of it.  

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