Saturday, April 15, 2017

My Pets

I have five pets in total, of those two are cats, two are bunnies, and one is a fish. One of my cats is named Dodger, he is a gray tabby cat. My other cat is named Tinkerbell, she is a calico. We have two bunnies, Adam and Lucifer. I also have one fish but he doesn't have a name.

The Vanderbilt Cohort with the ILC Banner
Noor having fun with a stop sign 
I got Dodger when I was in Kindergarten, he was a birthday present from my grandmother. My sister got Tinkerbell when I was in 3rd grade. The bunnies are our newest pets besides the fish, we got them 2 years ago because my sister was working at a rabbit rescue. My fish was part of an experiment for my AP Environmental Science class, no one else in my group wanted to take him home so I did. 

My favorite pet is my cat Dodger. His personality is a bit weird, but me likes me and I like him. Tinkerbell can be very moody, she sometimes likes me an sometimes doesn't. The bunnies only like me when I give them treats, they enjoy bananas the most. I'm not sure how my fish feels about me, I don't spend that much time with him. 

I hope in the future I'll have more pets. I would like to have a hairless cat, I think they're very cute. I would also enjoy having more bunnies, preferably ones that are more friendly then Adam and Lucy. I don't think I need to have more fish in the future, as I don't have very strong feelings about my current fish. 

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