Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Stream of Consciousness During the Tutorial

I like Red Vines. I also like cookies. In addition to Red Vines and cookies, I like water. Don brought all three of those things for us today, which pleased me. 
The exterior of De Anza
Although I enjoy Red Vines, I find Twizzlers more fun to eat. This is because they have a shiny, more plastic-like finish and feel to them. This quality makes it feel like I'm eating something that should be inedible. While Red Vines are also quite artificial in consistency, I don't think they are as unnatural as Twizzlers.
Lost, artsy Noor

I prefer water over cookies. Water is translucent and cookies are opaque, meaning that water is easier to understand. Water is its own ingredient, while cookies are made up of several other ingredients, so water has a pleasantly simple taste that makes cookies feel overly constructed in comparison. Also, although I absolutely need water to survive, while I can manage without having cookies for a while.

Computers are hard. They are so complicated and there's always something wrong with them. The school computers are especially finicky. It can take upwards of 5 minutes just to log on, and even then they don't always work.

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