Saturday, April 15, 2017


Not Redvines
What if Redvines grew from the ground. Seriously, think about it. Every year we have a bountiful Redvine crop to package into boxes and tins to ship around the world to entertain movie goers and people who wish they were at the movies alike. Ideally then health specialist would be more supportive of my diet of Redvines and various other candy crops. 

In this case I could roam a Redvine forest with trees which could grow to have trunks forged of millions of average produced Redvines. Of course in this forest it is encouraged to taste naturally grown Redvines, no pesticides of course for you health nuts, straight from the source.  Redvine galore.
Other forms of candy are also great...but I have to say Redvines are the best movie candy. Sometimes movie theaters like to let me down, and they don't sell Redvines. If they really don't want me to bring in outside food and make me pay $8 for candy, you think they would have the best candy. But alas I am disappointed that they won't give me the opportunity to waste extra money that could've gone to charity on Redvines.

Thank you Don for bringing Redvines. You may have noticed in this blog that I spoke of them frequently in this blog. Redvines. Redvines.

Also Not Redvines

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