Saturday, April 15, 2017

Typing Because I Also Want To Make Typing Noises

So I'm just sitting here trying to write anything other than blah blah blah for this practice blog, I don't want to sit here and overthink everything that I'm doing right now, I hear everyone else in the room typing so I feel like I need to as well. I can't believe I'm actually trying to type something, I want to go out and take pictures with the banner, De Anza is not as nice as everyone told me, as far as I've seen. We are having way too many technical difficulties. So far, I have had some Twizzlers and a cookie, aside from the cup of coffee this morning. I think I'm gonna go get some fries after this. 

I feel like I have so much to do, today is prom for my school and I'm not going. My friend Erika is coming to my house at 2:30 so I can do her hair, I wonder if she will hate me for being a little late getting home. All I hear is typing. What is everybody typing? Don just said this session is not going how it is supposed to. 
I don't know why I decided to hold on to the pole. 
Having the time of our lives!
We're going to take some photos today, I wonder how that's going to go. Maybe I should get up and get a bag of chips but I have to sit here and keep typing. 4 paragraphs, that's how much I have to hit. Now I just hear myself typing. What did everyone else type? I drank a lot of my water bottle, I normally don't even drink this much water throughout the day, I guess I'm just not thinking. It's really cold even though Zunarah already closed the door. She goes here. I still like El Cerrito better, not be sound cocky. But no one is probably gonna read this anyways. Just me typing away for the sake of making some typing sounds. 

I want to start with the photo editing. Honestly the thing I'm looking most forward to about today. Weren't we supposed to get a break? When is that supposed to be happening? There's a little teapot next to me, I bet someone made it in ceramics, it looks so cute! Okay, I feel like I'm doing too much, so I'm gonna go grab a bag of chips now. Blah would have been more interesting than whatever this was I just spent the past 6 minutes doing. 

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