Saturday, April 15, 2017


I have three cats. The oldest is named "Polter", and the two youngest are called "Lambi" and "Oliver". Oliver and Lambi are actually brothers despite their differences in appearance. Lambi is a white flame point siamese with blue eyes. Oliver on the other hand is an orange tabby with beautiful green eyes. 

Polter being the oldest, and female is always annoyed with Oliver and Lambi. She tries her best to keep a huge bubble of distance between herself and them. However, they just want to play with her and she takes it the wrong way. I wish that Polter could let loose and have fun with them once in awhile.
My cohort and I being models!
Some of the pros of having a cat are that you have your very own lap warmer during the winter. They provide you with company. You have your own alarm clock every morning at 4AM. You will never have a rodent problem. These pros should be more than enough reasons for everyone to want a cat.

Sure you may have to constantly clean litter boxes, use a lint roller everyday, and have band aids on hand, but you really have to work for the affection of a cat. A dog is naturally obedient, and there's no effort into it. A cat is more appreciated and elegant. Plus dogs smell really badly. I love cats!

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